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12 reasons why you should book a newborn photoshoot with Together Nest Photography.

If you are on a search for a perfect photographer for your newborn photos and found yourself spending hours browsing through newborn photographer websites. You are not alone! You may have narrowed it down to just a couple of photographers that you love their works. I'm hoping Together Nest has made it to your favourite list. After all, that is likely why you are reading this blog. It's ok! finding the right photographer for your family is not a simple task! Here are the many reasons why Together Nest Photography has become one of the most trusted newborn photography studios in the southeast Melbourne.

  1. I am highly experienced with newborn photography. With almost 500 newborn sessions done since the studio started in 2019. I am confident that I can handle all newborn skin types, your special requests and any unique circumstances you or your baby may have.

  2. Great baby soothing skills. To be a newborn photographer, you are not only required to be highly skilled in photography, but you also need to have outstanding baby settling skills. This skillset cannot be taught. One can only learn through experiences. Being a mum of 3 myself, I know very well how to care for newborns from a mother's perspective.

  3. Together Nest studio specialised in newborns. My studio is set up and designed especially for newborn photoshoots. 90% of sessions we do at Together Nest studio are newborn sessions. The studio has everything you need. From soothers, nappies, wipes, a white noise machine as well as a bottle warmer/sanitiser. This is to ensure you have a wonderful experience during your newborn session.

  4. Safety is my priority. I have a nursing degree as well as an up-to-date paediatric first-aid certificate from Royal Children's Hospital. I have been trained by the best in the industry on how to perform newborn poses safely. Every setup and pose I do, all have been properly thought through and have safety preventative measures planned out prior. I also make sure that all my vaccinations are up to date whether it's whooping cough (every 5 years), flu(yearly) or Covid (as per government recommendation).

  5. My studio is equipped with premium props. Our props are acquired locally as well as internationally. All props are handpicked by me. As you may be able to tell, Together Nest's style is simple, rustic and natural. To achieve and maintain our trademark style, I have always made sure that all the props reflect the style I offer on my website.

  6. Regularly do test prints of the photos with a reputable printing lab to ensure highest quality. Even though I currently only offer digital images. I care very much about how the images would look on physical prints. My monitor is professionally calibrated to have the correct colours as well as brightness. This is to ensure the most accurate print results. I also have a list of recommend printing labs that I trust for my clients to print from if they choose to.

  7. Reliable with 100% meeting target turnaround time. I focus on getting the images whether they are proofs or the final edited images delivered to all my clients before the promised date and I have been able to achieve that 100% of the time.

  8. Wide variety and highly customisable with over 100 different setups to choose from.

  9. Together Nest is a Full-time operating studio which means I commit to professionalism as well as customer service. There is a huge difference between a professional photographer and an amateur. It is incomparable in terms of dedication and commitment.

  10. All in one family portrait service. Together Nest Photography offers photoshoots start from maternity sessions, newborn sessions (Birth to 2 weeks), Lifestyle, family sessions (1 month-6 months), Sitter sessions (6-11 months), Cake Smash sessions (11-14 months) and Little explorer session ( 2 years and over) You sure will find a photography package that suits your need. I also partner up with a reputable hair and make up artist to help get my clients look their best in the photos with affordable cost.

  11. Commit to learning and improving skills. I enrol to several photography and creative courses per year. This is to make sure that my skills are up to the current trend as well as learning new photography techniques.

  12. Clear and honest pricing structure. My pricing is created to be clear and easy to understand. I understand what having a young family is like. Life can get very busy at times. The last thing I want is my clients having to "study" my pricing. All of my pricing can be easily accessed on my website and anyone who are interested can view it.

I hope that these are more than enough reasons for you to trust Together Nest Photography to be your family photographer. Not just for the newborn stage but for all photography services your growing family may need.

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