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Newborn setups (Primsplaining Series: Blog 1)

Welcome to my blog post! I have created a series called Primsplaining to help you understand more about our products and services. Let's dive into our first and most commonly asked topic, the newborn setups! 

So what is the newborn setups and how many types are there? 

In the Fine Art photography world , newborn setup is a set, put together or created by the photographer to portray the vision they have. Things that the photographer has to take into consideration are 1) Texture ie. flowers, fabrics or toys, the textures help create 3D feels to it. Some setups have lots of textures, some have very minimal. 2) Colours, how to choose the colours depends largely on the photgrapher's styles. Many great photographers know how to harmonise colours together well. Well balance colours should not pull the attention from the subjects (Newborn and family) 3)Pose: It is likely that for each setup, the photographer would already have the idea of where the newborn would be positioned. To the details of how the hands, toes or face should be placed. This is the main reason why your newborn should be sleeping during the session. Awake newborn will move out of the desired pose, therefore alter the whole composition of the set. 

For the newborn setups alone, there are 3 main setups style, 

1st - Beanbag or flat table setups: This give a very minimalist look. It uses little colours and textures, sometimes, the only texture in the photo is the newborn. Lighting for this type of shoot is very important, it is almost the only thing that gives the depth to the photos. When not done right, it can give out a very flat looking photos. 

2nd - Props setups: This type of setups often use a bed, bucket, basket or the similars to place the newborn in. This type ususlly have moderate to high textures. There is a lot of depth to this style. The focus is on the baby as well as the textures. With these type of setups, it can be shot from the top down or from the front depends on the poses. The newborn is often wrapped or arm-free in some poses. 

3rd - Flokati setups: This setup give minimalist look yet still give you lot of texture. It creates a warm and cosy feel. It is usually done in the monotone style. 

Bonus - composite background: A composite image is an image where the photographer combines 2 or more images together to make 1 image. Usually how it works with a newborn photo is the photographer photoshops the newborn photo onto a digital background. Not many photographers offer this service but Together Nest is proud to be one of that offers the service. To make the image look realistic, it takes a highly skilled photographer with excellent digital art skill to do it to look realistic. The photographer will need to take a photo of the newborn specifically to be used on the chosen digital background. Together Nest currently offers this service with extra fee. This due to the extra time to edit and the cost of purchasing the digital backdrop. 

Next part of the series will be about our different types of sessions. Newborn/Sitter/Little Explorer/General/Lifestyle ?!!? What are the differences and which one would suit your family most? Stay tuned! 

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