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How to prepare for a newborn photoshoot with Together Nest Photography

The time has come! Your bundle of joy has finally arrived. You and bub are recovering well. Your photoshoot is right around the corner. Now it's time to think about what you need to do to prepare for the photoshoot. I have listed some great preparations that you can do to help your session goes smoother.

  • What do you need to bring to the shoot? You do not need to bring anything except extra feeds and your bub's favourite soother. My studio is stocked up with newborn nappies, wipes, dirty nappy bags , pacifiers and even a bottle warmer/sterilizer!

  • What should you wear to the session? I recommend plain clothing with minimal colours and logos. In fact, avoid logos at all if you can! Too many colours/patterns/logos can be distracting. I have got many requests to remove logos from clothing because they do not present well in the photos. Keep in mind there is an extra fee to remove them if it's possible to do so at all. Please colour coordinate your outfits. If you choose to wear a warm tone, everyone should also wear a warm tone vice versa for the cool tone colours.

  • Hair and make up: Please make sure to come the way you want to look in the photos. Avoid using a highlighter, if you want to use one, please use a matte type. Postpartum hair can get a little out of control so please make sure you use a hair product that is suitable for your postpartum hair. Flyaways can look very untidy in the photos especially if you choose a contrasting colour background to your hair. Use hair mask the night before will also help.

  • Bring a pacifier even if your baby doesn't use it. Pacifiers can be such a great tool to help your baby settle. During the photoshoot, I'll be posing your baby in different positions. The posing process often disrupts your baby's sleep, a pacifier can help your baby stays asleep while still being posed. I suggest bringing one anyway just in case even if you have tried many times but refused to take it.

  • Baby skin: Baby acne and skin flakes are common for newborns. To minimise, bath your baby the day before. Make the bath short and then apply moisturisers. Apply moisturiser (no oil) again before you leave home.

  • Siblings: if you have more than 2 older children, it is recommended that after the family photos are done (we usually do this first thing) dad should take your older children back home or out to a shopping centre/playground to kill time. If you decide to have children in the studio, please bring plenty of entertainment for your children. Practice taking their photos prior the session. Show your older children some pictures of sibling with a newborn you find online, this will help them understand what is happening at the shoot. Children can understand visually much better than verbally. Practice smiling in front of a mirror will also help.

  • The studio will be warm. I usually keep the room pretty warm especially when your baby is doing a naked pose. Adults with clothes on often find my studio uncomfortably warm. Step outside if you need to or wear something light.

I hope this guide will help you prepare yourself and your family for the upcoming newborn shoot with Together Nest Photography. I cannot wait to meet you all.

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