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Proof Gallery Terms and Agreements

Digital Proof Gallery Package: $200

The fee includes:


  • Culled digital images from the session (Proof Gallery) excludes images client selects to be edited. 

  • Proof images are delivered in USB to client's postal address. The USB is posted 1-2 days after the edited images are delivered. Arrival time may vary due to the postal service. 

  • Proof gallery images are delivered digitally in high resolution Jpeg format. 

  • The images come with an "Unedited ©️Together Nest " watermark at the bottom left corner (See below for sample watermark photo)

  • The images are batch exposure adjusted. Client agrees to accept the quality as seen in the proof gallery. 



  • $200 must be paid in order to start the editing process. 


  • Cancellation is not permitted once the editing process has commenced. 

  • Together Nest Photography will not be responsible for any lost or damage USB/Files 1 month after the delivery. 

  • Any lost or damaged USB/Files within 30 days after the delivery will be replaced with no charge. 

  • Together Nest Photography will not be held responsible for the print results from client own choice of printing labs. 



  • Together Nest Photography retains the copyright on all images and reserves the right to use the images for advertising, display, publication, social media, and/or other purposes for our portfolio.

  • Unedited images (Proof Gallery) comes with personal viewing rights and personal printing right only. Clients may not publish unedited images on any social media platforms regardless of the privacy setting. Showing the images in prints/digitally where it's viewable by the public is also not permitted.

  • Change/Edit parts or whole of the proof gallery images are prohibited. This includes edit/change both digitally as well as prints. Unless clients obtain written permission from Together Nest Photography. 

Unedited-Baby Viraj -036.jpg
Thanks for submitting!
***Please print out the contract for your reference
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