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Hello There!

Thank you again for choosing me to capture your precious newborn pictures. I am very honoured to be your photographer. To make the session goes smoothly and to have the best pictures, in the end, I have put together some detail about the preparation for the shoot, what to expect and what to do during the session.

Typically, the session will last about 2-3 hours depending on how happy your baby is. I encourage that you feed your baby just before the session so the baby is happy and content, but not to worry if your bub is hungry during the session we would just take a break while you feed your baby. If your baby uses soothers/pacifiers please bring it with you to the session.

If you have an item that is important to you and you want to include it in the photos, for example, grandma’s knitted mittens, grandpa’s hat or dad’s work uniform. Please let me know in advance and I will try to incorporate it in the photos.

During the session, I will photograph your baby in a variety of poses and props minimum of 3 backgrounds/setups. Though the main focus is on the newborn the package also includes family or sibling photos (Maximum of 5 members excluding the newborn). During the family/sibling photos, your newborn will be in wraps only. Outfits or naked poses during family photos will cost extra and need to be arranged in advance. 

Within 1 week after the session, you will receive an email invitation to your proof gallery where you can view your photos from the session and pick your favourite images. If you would like to get more photos, extra photos can be ordered at an affordable price. Extra order will need to be paid in full in order for me to edit the photos. Once you have made your favourite list and the remaining balance is paid in full (if any), I'll then edit those photos to the highest Together Nest standard and deliver them to you digitally within 2 weeks.

​​​The gallery will be active for you to access for 2 weeks. After that, the photos will be kept in my hard drive for 1 year which can be re-uploaded with a small fee.

A small non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your booking. The full session fee is to be paid before starting the session.

​​Location of the studio:

1 Monash Drive,
Mulgrave VIC

Please note that all photos from the session are copyrighted by Together Nest.

I look forward to meeting you and your new bub.




  • What age is best to have newborn pictures taken?


Under 2 weeks old is ideal. This is because 1-2 weeks old newborns are still sleepy which makes it easier to pose and curl into certain positions. Older newborns are often unsettled and are sensitive to touch. They may refuse to be away from mum which results in having to reschedule. In saying that, it doesn't mean that you will not be able to get great photos of your babies if they are older than 2 weeks old. It might be challenging but achievable.

Sessions for babies older than 3 months old will look different than those for newborns. 3 months old babies will be more awake and alert. Therefore we photograph them awake. These sessions are usually done on backdrops with props. babies are not usually wrapped in these sessions. 

  • How many photos do I get? and how many backdrops do I get?

10 photos are included in the package, You will get minimum of 3 setups plus family (1 backdrop) You can choose to get a combination of beanbag setups, flokati setups and props setups, sample photos are as following.







Sample of Proofing Gallery
















  • Can I have sibling photos?

Yes, sibling and family photos are included. Please see the COVID-19 update for restrictions on family/sibling photos.

  • Does my newborn have to be asleep during the shoot?

Ideally yes, sleeping babies will stay in poses and will not kick out of their wraps. Newborns can usually stay awake for only 30 minutes at a time. if they are awake while shooting, we will end up with an overtired baby and eventually too tired to fall asleep results in a lot of crying. There are certain poses that awake babies just won't do them, for example, poses where they lie on their tummy or poses that they rest their chin on the back of their hands etc.

For babies older than 3 months old, I prefer to photograph them awake. Because we will be able to capture their smiles and personalities. Please have your baby nap just before the session.

  • How long does the session go?

A typical session lasts about 2-3 hours.

  • Can I buy more photos?

Yes, extra photos can be purchased at an affordable price. Please contact me for updated extra order pricing after your shoot.

  • Can I see my photos first before I make a payment?

No, all remaining payments must be paid before starting the session.

  • What should parents wear for the shoot?

Parents should coordinate their outfits with similar colour tones. Try to avoid big logos or patterns. The focus of the photos should be on the faces, not on clothing. Avoid contrast colours, if you choose to wear cool tones (blue/green/grey) then all family members should wear the cool tones. Vice versa for the warm tones (red/orange/brown/pink). Sleeveless top will make your upper arms look bigger than normal in the photos, if that is what you are conscious of, try to avoid them. For mums, put emphasis on your hair and makeups. Good hair and makeups really do make a difference. Shiny highlighter (make up) will show very brightly in the photos. Please choose matt type to contour your face.

  • Can I buy all the raw unedited photos?

Raw unedited photos are now available for purchase. They are sold as a proof gallery. The photos are unedited and delivered in Jpeg format with viewing right only which mean printing and/or posting on social media are not permitted. Please contact us for current proof gallery pricing.

  • What do you edit on your images?


I edit out behind the scene objects (My hands&feet and lighting stand etc) extend backdrops and soften newborn skin. I also correct skin acne and remove dry skin flakes. I'm specialised in fine art images which mean that your baby's skin would appear flawless and creamy but skin textures are maintained.

All images are edited on the highest quality monitors which have been professionally calibrated to have the best colours/brightness. We edit your images for printing purposes only. Results may vary if you view your images on personal electronic devices. All images delivered by Together Nest Photography are fully edited to industry standard. Things that will be edited are 1) obvious skin blemishes 2)smoothing skin tones 3)large newborn skin flakes 4) mild-moderate newborn acne 5)extend backdrop 6)behind-the-scene photography equipment. Extra retouches include but not limited to reshaping faces/bodies, face swapping, removing objects, fixing hair/flyaway, severe skin acne, correcting mistakes made by your hair/makeup artist and/or changing colours/styles of your outfits are not included in the package. You can however request for it to be done to your photos for an extra $30 per photo.

  • Can I use my mobile phone to take photos/videos during the session?

No, mobile phone photos/videos are not permitted during the session. Photographing/Video recording of our props/setups with or without the baby is also not permitted.

  • Do you clean your props and wraps between each client?

All props are wiped clean after every session. Wraps/clothing are also washed/sanitised after every use.

  • Do you come out to the client's home?

No, I currently only offer in-studio sessions.

  • Can I bring my own props?

Yes, please send me photos of the props in advance. I'll try to incorporate it into the shoot.

  • What if my baby is unwell on the day of shooting. Can I reschedule?

In case of unavoidable circumstances, 1st reschedule is free of charge, $30 admin fee apply for each subsequent reschedules (subject to availability)

COVID-19 Restriction Update 

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Newborn Session Detail

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