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Melbourne South East VIC newborn maternity cake smash photographer Together Nest Photography By Prim Chieng

Maternity Session Detail









Hello There!

Thank you for choosing me to capture the precious time of your life. I am very honoured to be your photographer. To make the session goes smoothly and to have the best pictures, in the end, I have put together some detail about the preparation for the shoot, what to expect and what to do during the session.


Maternity photoshoot is usually done around 1.5-2 months before the due date. The session usually goes for about 1-1.5 hour. If you choose to have your partner or your older children (Maximum of 5 people) in the photos, make sure they wear the same colour tone outfits. Dresses/texture fabrics for mum are provided as well as hair accessories. You will be photographed on 3 different backdrops with 3 dress changes.


Hiring a professional hair and makeup artist can make so much difference to your photos. I have partnered up with Corrine Makeup Hair who can come to my studio to do your hair and makeup before the session for an extra $180-$190. Corrine is a professional hair and makeup artist specialising in bridal and formal styling. You can check out her works here 


I always give you around 15-30 minutes at the start of the session to pick your dresses and try them on. On average, I add 1-2 dresses to the maternity wardrobe every month so it's best to pick your dresses on the day. Your partner and children can wear something neutral. Warm off white and light grey looks great on any backdrops. Avoid black clothes and clothes with big patterns. Shoes are not allowed on the set so white plain socks are recommended for partner and children. You may wear heels or go shoeless. 

How to prep yourself:

  • Makeup - If you are doing your own makeup, avoid very shiny highlighters/shimmers. The spot would look too bright in the photos when using studio flash. Don't over-apply your foundation to cover uneven skin tones, I can always make your skin looks smooth in the photos with photo editing program. Hire a professional makeup artist is a great option if you are still worried.

  • Hair - leave your hair down, we can always put it up for the photos but it's hard to let your hair down after it's been up. If you tend to have lots of flyaways, make sure you use flyaway tamer spray prior the session. 

  • Underwear - This is very important❗️ please wear nude colour strapless bras and underwear that matches your skin tone. It is very important that your bras give your breasts good support and maintain good shape even without the straps on. Tucking your straps in isn't a good option, since the bras weren't made to be strapless. Therefore they don't hold your breasts well in shape. Please avoid bandeau completely, they are not made for a pregnant body. 

  • Get manicure and pedicure done prior the session. Your hand and feet will show in the photos. Make sure they are cleaned and tidy.

  • Tanning- avoid tanning 2 weeks before the session. Freshly tanned skins can make your skin looks very orange in the photos.

  • If you have tan lines on your shoulders, chest and back, please cover with matching foundation.

  • Eat big meal and hydrate yourself before the shoot. Maternity photoshoot is a mini workout session (haha I'm not joking!). So make sure you have a good rest before the shoot.

Within a week after the session, you will receive an email invitation to your proof gallery where you can view your photos from the session and pick your favourite images. If you would like to get more photos, extra photos can be ordered at an affordable price. Extra order will need to be paid in full for me to edit the photos. Once you have made your favourite list and the remaining balance is paid in full (if any), I'll then edit those photos to the highest Together Nest standard and deliver them to you digitally within 2 weeks. 

​​​The gallery will be active for you to access for 2 weeks. After that, the photos will be kept in my hard drive for 1 year which can be re-uploaded with a small fee.


A small non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to secure your booking. The full session fee is to be paid before starting the session. Please discuss with me for payment options. 

COVID-19 Restriction Update 


Location of the studio:

1 Monash Drive,

Mulgrave VIC

Please note that all photos from the session are copyrighted by Together Nest.


I look forward to meeting you and your family



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