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Maternity Session Terms and Agreements

The maternity pacakge comes with 10 edited digital photos included in the package. $50 deposit is due upon booking and is non-refundable. This deposit secures your session booking and the current pricing structure. The remaining balance is due the day before the session.

The session fee includes:


  • Session styling consultation

  • Up to 1.5 hours of professionally styled photography by Together Nest Photography at Together Nest Photography studio in Mulgrave. (Dress try-ons and final consultations are part of the 1.5 hours) 

  • Access to a vast range of Maternity gowns, outfits and accessories

  • Photograph client and family on 3 different backdrops with 3 different maternity dress changes. Husband/partner and children are allowed only 1 set of outfits. No grandparents add-on for maternity session.

  • 10 high resolution edited digital images of your choice. delivered online within 2 weeks from the day the favourite list is finalised and payment is made (if any).

  • Professional and custom retouching/editing of your images

  • Online proof gallery minimum of 40 unedited images available within 1 week of your session that is password-protected for you to view and choose your favourite images for editing. Extra images can be purchased via the online proof gallery.



  1. A non-refundable session deposit of $50 must be paid in order to reserve your booking. Payment must be made electronically via electronic bank transfer otherwise instructed.

  2. The remaining balance is due 24 hours before the photoshoot. The session will not start until the proof of payment is presented to the photographer. Failed payment within 1 week after your session will result in permanently erasing your entire gallery. 

  3. Extra photos payment is to be paid in full in order for the retouching process to start. Editing takes 2 weeks and starts when the payment reaches Together Nest Photography's bank account.

  4. Overpaid amount will not be refunded and will be considered a tip. Please confirm the amount before you make a payment. 




  1. If the photoshoot is cancelled by the client , the deposit is non-refundable. The client must inform the photographer of the reschedule request 24 hours prior to the session. Reschedule is subject to availabilities. Less than 24 hours notice will result in cancellation of your booking unless it is due to medical emergency where medical letter is required as proof.

  2. Refund of the deposit from less than 24 hours notice cancellation/reschedule may be done if the cancellation/reschedule is due to medical emergency. After satisfied evidence of medical emergency is provided, Together Nest will proceed the refund within 3 days after $30 admin fee is deducted. 

  3. If the Photographer is unable to perform the session, the Client shall be allowed to reschedule at the Photographer’s discretion or the Photographer will refund all money paid.

  4. In the event of an illness or misadventure, please call as soon as possible to reschedule. The earliest available timeslots will then be offered to you to reschedule. No refund will be given if you are unsatisfied with any of the available timeslots and decide later to cancel. Together Nest Photography maintains the right to reschedule at any time should it become necessary but will do our utmost to negotiate mutually acceptable rebooking. A refund will be given if cancellation is initiated by Together Nest Photography.

  5. You have 1 free reschedule request. There is a $30 admin fee for each subsequent reschedule and it is subjected to availability

  6. Each schedule, Together Nest is to offer minimum of 2 time slots on different date and time to client to select. Together Nest is not responsible for client's availability as long as the minimum available slots have been offered. 

  7. Early arrival when the studio and the photographer are ready. The session starts the moment client steps inside the studio and ends at the 1.5-hour mark. 

  8. No-shows (late to the session for 20 minutes or more without communications) will be automatically cancelled. No refund or rescheduling will be offered following a no-show. If the client still wishes to do a photoshoot with Together Nest Photography, the client will need to ask for a new quote and pay a deposit again.

  9. Late arrival with less than half of the allocated time remaining for the shoot (For example, you are 50 minutes late to your 1.5 hours photoshoot session) will automatically be considered as a no-show with or without communication(s).

  10. Late arrival with more than half of the allocated time remaining for the shoot, the session will proceed but minimum dress changes/backdrops and minimum proof images will not apply to the session. The session will finish at the finish time and will not be extended.


  1. A typical maternity session lasts 1.5 hours. Please make sure your hair and makeup are done and ready to go before the session starts.

  2. Client is to wear/bring her own underwear. It is highly recommended that you wear underwear that matches your skin colour. Bras should be strapless and give your breast enough support and help maintain good shape even without straps.

  3. Use studio flash friendly makeups. Consult with your makeup artist if you need further assistance.

  4. Avoid tanning 2 weeks before the session.

  5. Only the subjects being photographed should be present during the session. 

  6. Everyone who wishes to be photographed must come "Photo-Ready" This means everyone must dress, do hair-makeup and have their finger and toe nails the way you wish them to be in the photos. chipped nails and frizzy hair are often required a specialised service to edit with an extra charge. 

  7. To get the best results, the maternity session should be done 1.5-2 months before your due date.

  8. More preparation guide for the Client and family can be found in the session detail which was sent to you at the time of booking.

  9. Together Nest Photography will not be responsible for any undesired outcome resulting from the preparation recommendations from section number 3 being disregarded. 

  10. All communications are done via emails. Client is responsible for monitoring their own inbox and junk folder. 


  1. Please arrive on time. If you arrive early, please wait in your car until your appointment time. If you arrive late, your session time will be shortened. After your session is finished, I kindly ask that you leave the studio area for us to clean and prepare the studio for the next clients. Please feel free to take your time in the waiting area just outside the studio until you are ready to leave. I'll be able to assist if you need anything.




  1. If the Client has a request for an alteration of an image, please let the photographer know before the editing process. Any modifications that fall beyond the natural output produced by the camera will incur fees as decided by the Photographer.

  2. The style of photography and editing that is shown on Together Nest's portfolio aligns closely with our branding and trademark. Client can request to customise the photos to suit their preference but they must be done in accordance with Together Nest photography's style. 

  3. All images are edited on the highest quality monitors which have been professionally calibrated to have the best colours/brightness. We edit your images for printing purposes only. Results may vary if you view your images on personal electronic devices. Together Nest Photography is not responsible for the quality of the photos show on your personal devices.

  4. Images delivered by Together Nest Photography are fully edited to industry standard. Things that will be edited are 1) obvious skin blemishes 2)smoothing skin tones 3)stretch marks 4) mild-moderate acne 5)extend backdrop 6)behind-the-scene photography equipment. 

  5. Extra retouches include but are not limited to reshaping faces/bodies, face swapping, removing objects, fixing hair/flyaway, severe skin acne, changing colours/styles of your outfits, and/or correcting things that can be prevented by the client if followed the preparation guide are not included in the package. If technically possible, you can however request for it to be done to your photos for an extra fee. Editing fee is $100/hour. Minimum 30 minutes applies, and 1/4 hourly thereafter.

  6. Client should receive information about how to prepare for the photoshoot prior the session, Together Nest Photography will not be responsible for any mistakes that result from client not properly following the preparation guide provided.  

  7. The edited photos will be kept on Together Nest data storage before they are permanently deleted after 1 year counting from the session date. Unchosen images will be permanently deleted 1 month after the photoshoot

  8. Download link will be active for 2 weeks after the delivery. $25 fee applies to create another download link after 2 weeks. 

  9. Together Nest Photography offers a photography service not painting. The unique beauty of photography is the realistic details we capture by using the camera. Editing requests from pixel peeping point of view will not be accepted. 



  1. Together Nest Photography retains the copyright on all images.

  2. Edited photos delivered by Together Nest Photography come with viewing, printing and publishing rights ONLY for personal use. Clients may not resell and/or get compensated in any forms from using parts or the whole of the images. Clients may use the images for their own businesses that are not photography related. The images shall not be submitted to contests, reproduced for commercial use or authorize any reproductions by parties other than the Photographer. 

  3. Unedited images can be purchased extra as a Proof Gallery package. These photos are delivered unedited in high definitions JPEGs files. The Proof Gallery package comes with personal viewing right and personal printing right only. Clients may not publish unedited images on any social media platforms regardless of the privacy setting. Showing the images in prints/digitally where it's viewable by the public is also not permitted.






  1. Proofs are culled images from your session. The culling process includes removing duplicated and unsharp images, removing images that have inappropriate facial expressions, removing images that show sex organs and removing images that contain faeces. The remaining images are put together as proof gallery. The proof gallery is watermarked. Client needs to select favourite photos from proof gallery to be edited within 1 week.

  2. The Photographer shall make gallery proofs available through an online gallery proof website. These proofs shall be available to the Client within 1 week of the session. The proof gallery expires after 7 days. Please select your favourite images and place your order within those 7 days of proof posting. There is a $25 fee to repost or extend the gallery past that time. Extra orders must be made and paid in full at the time of ordering. Your final edited images will be ready within 2 weeks after the order is placed and paid for.

  3. Unedited images are not included in the package. Client can purchase them extra. The proof gallery can be purchased for an extra cost. Please contact Together Nest for pricing. Taking a screenshot of any proof images is not permitted and will break the session agreements. Legal actions may follow if the copyright agreement is violated.

  4. Unchosen images will be permanently deleted 2 months after your session. 

  5. In NO circumstances that unedited and edited versions of the same photo can both be delivered to client either for viewing, comparing or keeping.  





  1. Clients are not permitted to photograph/record a video(s) at any time during the session. Together Nest Photography reserves the right to stop anyone from photographing/recording our setups/props (with or without client or client's family members in it)/behind the scene. Failure to comply will result in the termination of your session.





  1. Together Nest Photography is not obligated to offer any partial/full refunds, discounts or compensations resulting from uncooperative subjects. We all are aware that babies/children can sometimes be difficult to pose and/or unable to follow instructions. Realistic expectations are required. We will try our best to get the best photos out of the situations. Should you be unsatisfied with the outcome images related to uncooperative subjects, reshooting may be arranged with the extra fee payable by the client. The reshooting fee is $100/hour. Minimum 1 hour applies, and 1/2 hourly thereafter. All images from the reshooting session will be added to your existing gallery.

  2. In circumstances where time is restricted, the photographer reserve the right to prioritize meeting the minimum photos/setups requirements




  1. Please make sure your children are supervised at all time. Any damages to Together Nest Photography properties by you or your family members will be charged to your account accordingly. Photography equipment can be very expensive, so please make sure you and your family members do not unnecessarily touch our pieces of equipment during the session.





  1. Together Nest Photography is not liable for the quality of prints that are from your printing labs. All our digital images are quality checked and professionally colour corrected before being delivered.

  2. The client releases any and all employees of Together Nest Photography from all liabilities, claims and damages that may result from any accidents or incidents that could have been prevented that may happen during the session.

  3. Together Nest Photography is not responsible for any injuries inflicted upon any participating parties. Client(s) will be responsible for their children and for themselves and release photographer from any claims against their person or their business.

Thanks for submitting!
***Please print out the contract for you reference
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