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Session Agreements

The Client has been informed by Together Nest Photography via written communication of the price and the number of digital photos included in the package. The client agrees to the price and number of digital photos included in the package.

1. Cancellation and rescheduling
~ In the event of an illness or misadventure, please call as soon as possible to reschedule. The earliest available timeslots will then be offered to you to reschedule. No refund will be given if you are unsatisfied with any of the available timeslots and decide later to cancel. Together Nest Photography maintains the right to reschedule at any time should it become necessary but will do our utmost to negotiate mutually acceptable rebooking. A refund will be given if cancellation is initiated by Together Nest Photography.
~  You have 1 free reschedule request. There is a $30 fee for each subsequent reschedulings.
~ No-shows (late to the session for 30 minutes or more without communications) will be automatically cancelled. No refund or rescheduling will be offered following a no-show. If the client still wishes to do a photoshoot with Together Nest Photography, the client will need to get a new quote and pay a deposit again.
~ Arriving only half of the allocated time remaining for the shoot (For example, you are 1.5 hours late to your 3 hours photoshoot session) will automatically be considered as a no-show with or without communication(s).

2.    Photographing/video recording during the session
~ Clients are not permitted to photograph/record a video(s) at any time during the session. Together Nest Photography reserves the right to stop anyone from photographing/recording our setups/props (with or without the baby)/behind the scene. Failure to comply will result in the cancellation of your session.

3.    Raw images/proof gallery
~ After your session, You will receive a proof gallery containing photos that meet our standard from your session. The proof gallery can be purchased for an extra cost. Please contact Together Nest for pricing. Taking a screenshot of any images in your proof gallery is not permitted and will break the booking agreement. Legal actions may follow if the copyright agreement is violated.

4.    Payment
~ Together Nest Photography will only start the session once the session/package fee has been paid in full. Payment receipt may be required before the session.

5.    Favourite photos and Extra orders
~ After you receive your proof gallery, you have 2 weeks to pick your favourite photos for Together Nest to edit. After 2 weeks, if no favourite photos have been picked. Together Nest reserves the right to select your images to edit on your behalf.

6.    Uncooperative subjects
~ Together Nest Photography is not obligated to offer any partial/full refunds, discounts or compensations resulting from uncooperative subjects. We all are aware that babies/children can sometimes be difficult to pose and/or unable to follow instructions. Realistic expectations are required. We will try our best to get the best photos out of the situations. Should you be unsatisfied with the outcome images related to uncooperative subjects, reshooting may be arranged with the extra fee payable by the client. The reshooting fee is $100/hour. Minimum 1 hour applies, and 1/4 hourly thereafter. All images from the reshooting session will be added to your existing gallery.

7. Arriving and Leaving
~ Please arrive on time. If you arrive early, please wait in your car until your appointment time. If you arrive late, your session time will be shortened. After your session is finished, I kindly ask that you leave the studio area for us to clean and prepare the studio for the next clients. Please feel free to take your time to feed or settle your baby in the waiting area just outside the studio until you are ready to leave. I'll be able to assist if you need anything.

7.    Retouching
~ All images are edited on the highest quality monitors which have been professionally calibrated to have the best colours/brightness. We edit your images for printing purposes only. Results may vary if you view your images on personal electronic devices. All images delivered by Together Nest Photography are fully edited to the industry standard. Things that will be edited are 1) obvious skin blemishes 2)smoothing skin tones 3)newborn skin flakes 4) mild-moderate newborn acne 5)extend backdrop 6)behind-the-scene photography equipment. Extra retouches include but not limited to reshaping faces/bodies, face swapping, removing objects, fixing hair/flyaways, severe skin acne and/or changing colours/styles of your outfits are not included in the package. You can however request for it to be done to your photos for an extra $30 per photo.

8.    Damage property by the client
~ Please make sure your children are supervised at all time. Any damages to Together Nest Photography properties by you or your family members will be charged to your account accordingly. Photography equipment can be very expensive, so please make sure you and your family members do not unnecessarily touch our pieces of equipment during the session.

9. Model Release/Copyright:
~ Together Nest Photography retains the copyright on all images and reserves the right to use the images for advertising, display, publication, social media and/or other purposes for our portfolio. With the exception of maternity photos which WILL NOT be posted on social media and/or Together Nest Photography official website. Unless the maternity photos are from a free Model Call session where a separate model release contract needs to be signed.
~ Edited photos delivered by Together Nest Photography come with viewing, printing and publishing rights ONLY for personal use. Clients may not resell and/or get compensated in any forms from using parts or whole of the images. Clients may use the images for their own business.
~ Unedited images can be purchased extra as a proof gallery. These photos are delivered unedited in high definitions JPEGs files. The proof gallery comes with personal viewing right, personal printing right only. Clients may not publish the proof gallery images on any social media platforms. Showing the images prints or digitally for the public to see is also not permitted.

10. Liability
~ Together Nest Photography is not liable to the quality of prints that are from your printing labs. All our digital images are quality checked and professionally colour corrected before being delivered.
~ The client releases any and all employees of Together Nest Photography from all liabilities, claims and damages that may result from any accidents or incidents that could have been prevented that may happen during the session.
Together Nest Photography is not responsible for any injuries inflicted upon any participating parties. Client(s) will be responsible for their children and for themselves and release photographer from any claims against their person or their business.

**** COVID-19 Restrictions update ****
Due to Government restrictions, our studio needs to comply to 4 square metre/person rule. Therefore, we have to limit only 4 family members in the studio during the session. Extra people will not be allowed into the property. Waiting in the other areas inside the house is not possible. If you have more than 4 people in your family and would like to have everyone in the photos, please reschedule to until the restrictions are no longer in effect.

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